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Why it works

Embodied Leadership requires a certain type of learning.

Learning that is understood on an intellectual level and experienced at a felt emotional level.

It is cognitive, emotional and somatic. It cannot be taught. But it can be learned.

How it works

Horses are in relationship with us according to how we are "being" not how we'd like to be, believe we are or would have others see us.

That relationship it is not filtered by politeness, wishing to please or political correctness. When a horse gives you feedback it is instant, honest and direct.

Because the learning that takes place is non-verbal and experiential it transcends the limitations of our intellectual understanding and calls us to become our own best leader.

Embodied leadership is experiencing what it feels like to be in authentic relationship with ourselves and others and sits at the heart of Equest and everything we do.

For the first time I truly understood the power of emotions and how, if I am not afraid of them, I can use them to enhance my leadership rather than detract from it. Equest has developed a fantastic learning experience.

Robin Birkett, GM Learning and Development, MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd