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Embodied Leadership - Experiential Learning

We help companies develop more effective leaders. We help teams to function at a high level. We help organisations access untapped creativity and successfully negotiate culture change.

We do this with horses and a team of experienced facilitators. We do it through experiential learning with horses. Some call that equine assisted learning. The horses do the coaching. We do the facilitating, design the programmes, hold the space, keep it safe.

We do it at a farm. The farm is quiet, away from it all, the atmosphere relaxed. And that's important. Because that's where real learning takes place. Away from the buzz and the breakfast meeting and the 9 o'clock call.

We call what we do Embodied Leadership. It can't be taught but it can be learned. And for that learning to happen you have to be fully present...

...just you, our horses and our team of skilled facilitators.

"through the horses I discovered confidence in my innate ability to be a good leader, separate to all the theories and models."

Governor, HM Prison Service