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Fast track learning

Creating an environment where real organisational and leadership development takes place, really quickly, is a tall order.

We work with horses because they provide instant feedback. The feedback is unfiltered. No politeness, no political correctness. Straight from the horse's mouth.

And because that feedback is free from ego there's no judgement. And because there's no judgement teams and individuals experience less resistance; ensuring difficult issues are surfaced gently, often in the first few hours of intervention.

The horses lead the learning, the facilitators interpret what's happening and keep the process on track.

The results are the sort of breakthroughs which usually take one or two weeks to reach using a more traditional mode of delivery.

Real results, really fast.

Not only did the experience make my challenge crystal clear, it also gave me the solution at the same time. A solution that was simple and inspiring.

Chris Howe, ChangeMaker International