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Tailored to you…

Like our leadership and team programmes, all our coaching is tailored to you. We start by meeting you to talk about what you need, probably at your office or somewhere else convenient for you. From there we agree an outline plan for what your coaching process will look like. The plan, like your learning, will be dynamic, reviewed continuously so that you get the right learning at the right time and in the right way.

We intersperse experiential coaching with the horses with “sense-making” sessions which can be indoors, at your office or somewhere else that is convenient, quiet and comfortable.

Sometimes we find that what you think you need to work on during the leadership coaching process, isn’t what actually needs to happen. This is what the horses help us with. Interacting with them experientially, facilitated by your human coach, accelerates your learning on exactly the right things. How?

Horses like to feel safe. What helps them to feel safe is congruence, presence, purpose and clarity. They also resonate with our innermost emotions, beliefs and values. With the person that we really are, not the one we show to the world. They show us what is on our inside, on their outside, gently nudging us to become our real self, as leader.

Horses come alive when we access our creativity and passion. They are non-judgemental and also devoid of manners. So when they don’t feel safe around us, or find us boring, or confusing, they let us know, immediately. This feedback is clean, without agenda, judgement or ego. It can change your world if you are open to receiving it.

Over the course of the coaching I was exposed to my strengths and weaknesses in a very pure and beautiful way. What happens is about you, it’s not about other people, or about home life, or distractions or emails. Working with the horses dramatically illustrates how one’s fears can hold you back and it also exposes your perceptions of leadership and how these can strangely limit one’s effectiveness. With just me out there with the horses it also meant I could accept more readily and powerfully how actually everything is in my control after all. It revealed to me the importance of awareness – awareness of how I feel and the energy I project, awareness of how other beings react to my presence. Finally I was shown how my absolute intent to achieve something can become the most powerful energy I have to help me achieve it. However the most beautiful thing was how content and comforted the horse was when I gave the strong leadership he needed and completed the task – and how exhilarated I felt.

Coaching client, Director of Marketing, FTSE 100.