Why Horses

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A brief history

Horses and people have history, about 6000 years' worth. One way or another the human race has been working with horses for a long time.

Despite our differences or perhaps because of them, we the predators they the prey, we work well together.

Being a prey animal with a herd instinct, horses are formidable communicators, able to communicate danger to the rest of the herd instantly and across distance.

A horse can sense an animal's heart rate, muscle tension and depth of breathing from a distance of 30ft.

Horses don't just have the ability to pick up on what's out there; they have the ability to pick up on the subtlest of human emotions.

A horse isn't taken in by our public masks, how we want others to see us or how we want to see ourselves. To lead a horse requires authenticity.

Without authentic leadership a horse doesn't feel safe. And when a horse doesn't feel safe it will let you know. The flick of a tail the movement of a hoof. Small gestures that might go unnoticed to the untrained eye but not to a trained facilitator.

Working with horses enables us to unearth those self-limiting beliefs that would have us lead ourselves from a place of fear, self-doubt or manipulation.

To lead from a place of openness and clarity is to experience a profound change in the way we see ourselves and others.

When that happens real change happens.

And that's why we work with horses.

Working with horses in this way is gentle, inspirational, deeply profound and a life-changing approach to personal and professional development. The horse is perhaps one of the wisest teachers I have ever known.

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