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The passion and purpose of Equest

I can remember very clearly the day that Equest was born in my mind. It had already been in my heart for some time, but there was one particular day that I took the decision to cast my fears aside and turn my crazy dream into reality. I was sat in a meadow, alongside my (loaned) horse, Coop, 7,700 feet high in the Colorado mountains. I was reflecting on how much I had learned from horses since I had been ready to listen, and on how this learning was dramatically changing not just my way of being a leader, and of doing business. But changing my whole life and my way of being in the world.

Soon I would be going back to the UK from this adventure in the States (you can read more about this here) to pick up where I had left off, running my leadership and organisation development consultancy. Delivering programmes in the UK and Europe, in classrooms, supported by the “usual” tools, techniques and theories.

But a light was burning bright for me, an excitement was building. Why would I go back to doing that, when I could help people to learn so much more and so much faster, if I got them to work with horses? Why wouldn’t I do it? Fear – that would be the only thing that would stop me.

But with my horse, that summer in 2008, I had learned not to be afraid anymore. Not to be afraid of risk, nor of failing or looking stupid, but most of all to not be afraid of just being myself. Instead I had learned that if I believed in myself, with passion and purpose I could be truly successful in whatever I chose to do. That I could be a magnificent leader who could be proud.

And that, when it comes down to it, is what Equest is all about. That is Our Mission. To help each and every person who comes to work with us, whatever the context, to recognise their fears and let them go. To find their passion and purpose. To step into magnificence.

Pam Billinge – owner & founder , Equest Limited