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About Our Home

This is where we live.

The nearest place of any size is Burbage, 1 mile to the east.

To reach us you'll need to take some good old fashioned country roads.

Here and there the road is shared... horses, cattle, tractors.

Lots of twists lots of turns.

No rush. You can't.

The farm is reached by a private road, the road lined with poplars.

Beyond the poplars there are fields, rolling hills and more trees.

It's peaceful here.

The perfect place to relax.

To stop, to take a step away from the routine and rush of the boardroom.

Space to breath, clear your mind.

A learning environment that is quite literally a breath of fresh air.

The landscape, the delicious food, the warm welcome is a crucial part to the learning process, it helps people to reconnect with what it is to be human and experience joy, peacefulness, compassion, fulfilment and vitality.

Pam Billinge, Founder Equest