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Horses are part of the warp and weft of life in east Wiltshire. So when Pete and Eileen said they were thinking of retiring and giving up their farm the news spread fast. Most of those who kept their horses there had done so since the year of dot. They weren't just customers they were family. No one wanted to see the livery go. Least of all Pete and Eileen.

Nearly 200 miles away in Norfolk we were also scratching our heads. We wanted to move our operation further south. But the space had to be right. A classroom to work in, paddocks and fields for the horses. An environment that was peaceful. No main roads, no distractions.

A tall order. But Sarah who has been working with us almost since the day we opened our doors thought she knew just the place. Suddene Park Farm. That's where Sarah had kept her horses and knowing Sarah I knew that meant it had to be good. And that's how we met Pete and Eileen.

We would rent the facilities, the paddocks and classroom. Pete and Eileen would have the extra revenue stream they needed. The livery would stay and so would the horses. In return the horse owners allowed us to work with their horses. A virtuous circle. A community at work. We hadn't just found a place to work we'd found a home.

Pete and Eileen at Suddene Park Farm

On the 5-hour drive home I didn't stop smiling the whole way. This sense of liveliness and energy has lasted a long time and reminded me that work should be fun.

Regional Director Sales,
Automotive industry