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Programmes with a Difference

All our leadership programmes are designed bespoke to meet the needs of your organisation. Most of the people who come have “been there, done that, and got the T-shirt” when it comes to participating in leadership development programmes. One of the things they most love about what we do is how different it is. No jargon, no theory, just real learning, with the real self. It is not unusual for participants to write to us two or three years later to thank us for their learning which still endures.

Here are just a few examples of leadership development programmes we have delivered recently:

Leadership Development Programme -Authentic Self as Leader
Themes: Emotional Intelligence, Relational Leadership, Authentic Leadership
Duration: 2 days
Target group: Senior leadership population – top 60

  • To create a high impact learning experience which develops profound self awareness
  • For each participant to gain clear feedback on their impact and influence as leaders with a particular focus on Presence.
  • Inspiring teams by developing focus, energy and intention
  • To develop emotional intelligence and relational leadership style by connecting with their individual emotional experience.

What the client said:

“This is one of the best training courses I have participated in – the team of trainers were fantastic, created calmness throughout. The horses were so gracious.”

“The most unique yet powerful training course I have ever attended. I have learned so many things by using my feelings and emotions. The experience has opened my eyes to the different between just managing and leading.”

“Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the last two days training. There comes a point when you can become cynical about training courses and have a ‘heard it all before ‘ attitude. The last two days certainly knocked that out of me.”

Leadership Development Programme -Leading Change
Themes:Leading Change, Leadership Resilience, Influencing, Presence.
Target group: Global HR Team

This change management programme aimed to support the Global HR team in their role leading change, after the challenges of significant downsizing.

  • Leadership and management of self, to create space for seeing the bigger picture
  • Leadership Resilience – Developing presence, sustainable energy and resilience.
  • Inspiring Trust and Credibility
  • The Power of Presence as an Influencing and Engagement Tool

What the client said:

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you - I flew home much calmer than normal. I am an NLP practitioner so I understand physiology and state but trying to use that on oneself can be tough in my experience! Working with the horses makes everything so clear and obvious.”

“This was such an unforgettable experience – I’m so much more confident taking on new aspects of my role. And setting boundaries with the business more clearly and assertively is really helping me to coach them into doing what they should be doing.”

Leadership Development Programme -Developing Client Relationships
Duration: 1 day
Target group: Senior Partner Population, Global Consulting Firm

  • To gain new insights into personal impact when engaging in client relationships. There will be a particular focus on non-verbal, embodied communication
  • To experience the power of positive thinking on energetic presence and how to engage this positively in client interactions..
  • To explore how to suspend judgement and stay on their client agenda with curiosity and challenge as appropriate.
  • To understand how to be present, and the benefits of this when meeting others.

What the client said:

“Marvellous. The strength of connections to be able to feel and help/influence others. Also brilliant feedback interactions, and wonderful exercise on how connecting enables trust and confidence in light of challenges (the blindfold).“

“An eye-opener for me – first time I experienced presence physically“

“Great session and incredible experience!! Loved it!! Would want to do even more and train up a horse all day.”

“The facilitators were wise and helpful at letting us take the lead to create our experience.”

(A numerical rating was carried out for this client and the average safisfaction rate was 4.8 out of 5)

Leadership Development Programme -Courageous Leadership
Themes: Presence and Influencing, Values and Courage, Motivation and Drivers, Personal Leadership Development Goals, Emotional Intelligence.
Duration: 2 days
Target group: High potential leadership population, household name financial sector.

  • Explore innate leadership ability and how to harness it within their team and within the company wide context.
  • The importance of Trust and Respect in the leadership dynamic and how to create it.
  • The meaning of Courage and the implications for role as high potential manager.
  • The impact of Change and stress on leadership performance and helpful strategies to address this (mindfulness and emotional management)

What the client said:

“I thought I’d share with you some of the feedback I have witnessed following the last module. I have been ambushed repeatedly by delegates -their energy and passion is UNBELIEVABLE and a number of them have called the event life-changing!”

“Thanks both for a fab couple of days! It was an incredible event which we all felt privileged to experience. However, I’m now suffering separation anxiety from my equine friends.”

“That was nothing short of amazing.”

“The two days genuinely surprised me. I have shared my experience with a wide number of colleagues and the experience will stay with me forever.”

“Genuinely life changing, it’s been the best course and use of time ever.”