Outdoor Leadership Courses

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“Working with horses and more…”

Our outdoor leadership courses aren’t just about working with horses. They are about returning to simplicity - outdoors and close to nature - where the noise of the workplace falls quickly away. This is not just about having a nice time, or enjoying the beautiful scenery. It is about creating a perfect environment for learning. The space to explore, to relate to yourself and to your colleagues, to explore new ideas and a new way of being. To engage your innate creativity and resourcefulness.

We don’t subscribe to any particular leadership model, or theory, and we don’t do jargon. We help you to be your best self as leader, to discover or re-discover your true nature.

And to develop the courage and resilience to hold steadfastly to sustain that. This means forgetting, however briefly, the trappings and pressures of role, status, career and hierarchy. Becoming clear about who you are and what you stand for.

I have worked long, long hours for the past 20 years. I am just remembering what it feels like to be me” Senior Partner, Global Consulting Firm, three hours after arriving.