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The horse before the coach

What we do is often referred to as Equine Assisted Leadership Development or Equine Assisted Learning. But that is not what we do.

Horses do not assist us, help out or play Tonto to our Ke-mo sah-bee facilitators. They, not the facilitators, lead the learning and are at the heart of what we do.


Less than 10% of what we humans communicate lives in the verbal arena - the rest is non-verbal. Horses are herd animals. They are highly attuned to non-verbal communication. Their survival depends on it. We are good at non-verbal communication. But not as good as horses.

Horses have no ego, no interest in who you are or what you do. Working directly with horses enables our clients to work in an egoless environment - the safest environment to learn in.

Our role as facilitators is to help interpret what's happening between horse and client. Horses do not assist us we assist them.

I learned the true meaning of trust and respect and how to gain them just by being myself authentically. I shall approach every person, every day, all day as if I am approaching a horse.

Operations Manager - MAN Truck and Bus UK Ltd