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The Spell of the Horse - News and Reviews

The Spell of the Horse - News and Reviews

Here are just a few of the comments received from book reviewers in the week of publication. My thanks to them all for taking the time to read and review The Spell of the Horse. Links are included also should you wish to read the full reviews.

I confess, I thought The Spell of the Horse would be a twee book of sickly entries from a horse fanatic. My abject apologies Pam. There is nothing twee or sickly about the depth of emotion portrayed in this wonderful book. in fact, I found much of The Spell of the Horse so powerful I had to read it in chunks…

The Spell of the Horse is a very special book. I shall be revisiting the pages of The Spell of the Horse many times and if you’re feeling lost in your life I urge you to read it too.

An enchanting, beautiful book that I was captivated by right from the start. A must for horse lovers, anyone interested in or studying the relationship between humans and horses, or natural therapists everywhere.

Anyone who has ever had contact with horses will find an immediate connection, and will completely understand the unique spell of the horses in this book. The author writes about this association with fine attention to detail, her special affinity and deep respect for horses shines through with every well written word and every emotional connection.

Pam Billinge writes with a wonderful beauty, I found myself entirely fascinated at the way her feelings impacted on the behaviour of her horse – her descriptive sense of her own emotions during a time of grief and loss created a palpable sense of melancholy – with ultimately uplifting resonance.

The Spell of the Horse can be cherished by those who work with horses or enjoy horses in general, but it can also help anyone discover that healing is real.

The Spell of the Horse is a wonderfully emotional read. …Whether you know a lot or a little about horses, I think this is a book that can be enjoyed by anyone.

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