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Suddene Park - home to Equest and other wildlife

Suddene Park - home to Equest and other wildlife

As Spring yields into summer, Suddene Park continues to be a hive of activity, not just for us but also for the wildlife we share the farm. We see the hares playing and boxing in the pastures and have a myriad of birdlife on the garden feeders, including goldfinches, chaffinches and a cadre of noisy sparrows, many of which now have fluffy youngsters venturing out for the first time. As ever, it was a special day when the first swallows arrived back. They are surprisingly assertive for such small creatures and are very clear about where they want to be and whether or not you are welcome in their space! The horses are all appreciating the wonderful green shoots of new grass and this is truly one of the best times of year to be with the horses.

Over the past 8 months, we have been investing to develop the facility here at Suddene Park for our equestrian, coaching and corporate clients. New additions include a permanent loo, new yard surface, enlarging the useable space for events in the Pavillion, additional stables (made of recycled plastic!), in addition to some some new fencing in and some significant tree maintenance and care. We are also investing in a programme for regular working students (rather like internships) who are selected for both their feel and ability with the horses as well as their potential to be future leaders in safeguarding the natural approach to working with horses.

For those of you who have already spent time here at Suddene Park, you will be pleased to hear some news of how some of the horses here are getting about their daily lives when they aren’t working with Equest clients – Dino qualified for team showjumping at Windsor, coming 7th in a large field of national competitors; Dooley qualified for the British Riding Clubs National Championships in Combined Training (showjumping and dressage); Lulu has been retired after her long career as a polo pony and is enjoying life as a companion; Brujo is forging ahead with his dressage training and competitions at the age of 21 and Truffles, after a significant back injury is now fully back in work and out competing again. Our latest new addition to the ‘horse team’ is Hector, aka ‘Embracing Change’, an ex National Hunt horse with over 70 races under his belt, he comes to us for a change of career to a leisure and light competition horse – we are enjoying getting to know him and helping him develop his physique and mental approach to enable him to be successful in his new role.

Whether you have shared Suddene Park with us at a previous event, or if you are new to Suddene Park and Equest and are thinking of holding or joining an event here, we are always pleased to see you, so let Pam know and we can arrange a visit :)