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How we work

Our programmes are delivered by at least two facilitators.

An expert in human and organisational development and an expert in natural horsemanship.


Before working with our horses you'll be briefed on the basic do's and don'ts. All of our horses are hand picked and used to working in a natural environment.

What you'll be asked to do

It is not the task which is important, it is the horses and the way in which they respond to you and you to them that reveals insights into individual and team leadership styles and behaviour patterns.

Activities are generally set out by the facilitators although as clients get more experienced at the work they might design their own horse centred tasks or games.

The leadership and team development which emerges from these simple tasks can be transformative.

What we won't ask you to do

Whatever your level of experience, a donkey on Blackpool beach aged seven, or show jumping at county level, you won't be asked to ride a horse.

What we do is not about riding skills but leadership and team development. About organisational and culture change. It's about learning to lead without the stick or the carrot.

The most important learning for me was that I can be my natural self and be a great leader. I trust myself, and therefore others, more as a result.

Senior Operations Manager, Engineering industry