Experiential Learning

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Once learned never forgotten

Think about the learning you’ve had during your life time – what do you remember? And not just in a vague way, but vividly. An interesting lecture? Useful book? Leadership theory? Probably not. But learning how to ride your bike the first time without stabilisers, or riding the surf of a wave, a new dance step? How to comfort your baby? Chances are, the learning which you remember a life-time was something in which you were physically and emotionally involved, rather than cognitively.

That’s what experiential learning is about – learning in a way which engages your body and your emotions - and that is why it works. Backed up with “sense-making” and some underpinning theory. But we help you to feel the difference, to experience the new behaviour, attitude, belief, or way of being, before we talk about it. That way you “get-it”- and quickly. Spend two days with us, engaged in one of our experiential learning programmes with horses and you will discover more about yourself than if you spent a whole week in a classroom.

The experiential learning cycle we work with is simple: you have an experience, or shared experience with colleagues; we help you reflect on it and explore the significance; you then “test” what you have discovered again, affirming or reaffirming the felt sense of your new learning. Here and there we will introduce simple, straightforward concepts which we think will help you frame your understanding. But we never tell you how to be. We do not work to a leadership template. We help you to find your own.

It isn’t always as easy as it sounds – we help you to explore what really counts, what will make a real difference to your leadership, to your team. We don’t let you off the hook, if there is something which needs to be said. But the experiential learning which we create for you, with our horses, will never be forgotten.