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Some answers to questions you might have

How long are the programmes?

All of our programmes are bespoke. Most of our programmes last for two full days.

Does your approach involve riding horses?

No all the work is on the ground. It does not require any knowledge of horses at all.

What if I am afraid of horses?

Fear is something which is present in our world and which is rarely dealt with. Often the opportunity to work with fear and anxiety in one of the sessions proves very useful. Whilst we support people to move out of their comfort zone into their "learning zone" we are careful to ensure that their emotional and physical safety is maintained.

Are horses safe to work with?

Learning to manage risk and boundaries is very much part of leadership development and is inherently part of this work. Horses are independent, sensate creatures and respond appropriately to the stimulus around them, which is how they help us learn about our impact and influence on others.

To have such a powerful and sensitive creature accept us with equal measures of trust and respect reinforces our sense of self at the deepest level.

What do I wear for an event?

Events are almost entirely outdoors although facilitation will take place indoors or under cover. Please dress appropriately for the season. Waterproofs and lots of layers are recommended. During wet weather sturdy boots or shoes and wellingtons or similar are useful. In the summer please bring sun screen and a hat!

Can an event be organised somewhere other than your facilities in Wiltshire?

We prefer to work at Suddene Park Farm, as this is the home of our work and where we know the horses and environment, but we partner with a number of other organisations so that we can offer workshops at alternative locations. Please talk to us about your requirements.

Once a client has experienced their own authentic leadership in a way that is understood on an intellectual, emotional and somatic level and the horse validates that experience; a huge shift takes place.

Pam Billinge, Founder Equest

Can working with horses be combined with classroom based development programmes?

Yes, absolutely. Combining equine assisted development with other organisation development modalities is very effective. At Equest we have many years' experience in "indoor" development programmes and can design and facilitate these for you or work with other suppliers to create a bespoke solution which meets your needs. Equally many of our clients find that horse-centred learning solutions are enough to meet their needs.

How many people can you take on a programme?

Ideally our maximum group size is 12, although again we are happy to discuss your requirements if they differ from this.

How can I justify spending two days with horses on a farm to the CEO?

What you learn while you are with us will have a significant impact on your effectiveness at work. The opportunity to "switch off" and rest your mind and body will pay huge dividends with an increase in energy when you get back to work.