Embodied Leadership

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Embodied leadership is all about getting “out of your head” and “into your body”. About being present and fully connected with yourself, with others and with your environment. When we live and lead from an embodied state, we are more powerful, more able to access our emotional self, our creativity, more able to relate to others, more able to accept ourselves. We are more able to learn.

Embodied Leadership has passion, purpose, values, courage. It is not afraid of change. Embodied Leadership is not easy to achieve, but when we do, being the best version of ourselves is straightforward. People want to follow an embodied leader – they inspire trust and have vibrancy.

This is where the horses come in. Embodied Leadership cannot be achieved by cognitive approaches to learning. It can’t be taught. It has to be felt. To be learned. Horses don’t respond to what we know – but to who we are - to how well we embody our values, beliefs, intentions, vision.

They show us in the instant when we are not present, when we lose connection with who we are. This moment-to-moment, real-time feedback is a profound, fast track to embodiment and presence.

Equest’s approach to embodied leadership is based on the principles of somatic, body-based psychology first conceived by Willhelm Reich and later developed within the Human Potential Movement with its optimism and robust challenge to the intellectual approaches existing within psychoanalytic psychology. The importance of working with the body and physiological awareness to access and develop our emotional, creative self is supported by current developments in the field of neuroscience.

Embodied Leadership isn’t just a topic we teach you – it’s a fundamental principle to the way we work and how we help you find change.

It is what we do – because we know it works.